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Imagine a ceremony with the ones you love, where you weave together authentically expressed songs, readings, poetry, music and laughter. Each ceremony expresses who you are, what you love and what lights you up.

There are so many reasons to celebrate…… a Wedding - Handfasting, Vow Renewal, Naming or Gender Affirmation, Passing Over Ceremony, Pet Loss, Transitions from Old into New Homes, Land Blessings…

Debbie Mcleod
Independent Sacred Celebrant IPHM
West Midlands


I am passionate about creating sacred, magical, heart-felt and relaxed, bespoke ceremonies, where ancient meets modern day, that reflects and honours the uniqueness of you, your heart and soul.  I love leading ceremonies and supporting people to reconnect with themselves and nature. I am based in the West Midlands, I am happy to travel further at a cost of .45pence per mile.  If you wish further afield, just let me know. 

Ceremonies are non-religious, blending together ancient traditions and romantic rituals which embody the powerful elemental beauty of nature - Air, Fire, Water and Earth. I blend my experiences, knowledge and skills to create ceremonies and rituals that support the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine that lives within each of us, either here in the West Midlands or at your own sacred space. Sacred to me means something that is dear to your heart, a feeling that you get inside, for example children, animals, nature, cooking, family, home, your beloved, anything that lights you up from the inside.

Outdoor Wedding Altar
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