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Baby Naming
A very special welcome

A special ceremony to welcome a child into the family and their community. Today families are much more wonderful and complex than ever and what better way than to create a bespoke ceremony built on love and laughter that can be celebrated at any age and circumstance, different to the traditional christening.

A bespoke crafted ceremony with you at its heart is highly personal and reflects the heart of the family.  You can choose where you wish the ceremony to take place and also whether to include any religious or spiritual content, from any faith.  You could celebrate by poems, singing, a reading from a particular faith, a book can be available for guests to sign or write a message, a letter or flower can be shared, planting a tree before, during or after the ceremony is another way to symbolise growing as a family - just to name a few.

Bringing everyone together to share this special time, making commitments and promises to their future and celebrate the joy of their life on this earth.  Anything is possible when you go to your imagination, and I will be there to support you every step of the way.


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