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A beautiful ceremony for Wedding or Vow Renewal

Handfastings are a beautiful, romantic, symbolic marriage ceremony, or ritual and is a historical term for a wedding or betrothal, of ancient Celtic origin, bringing together nature and different traditions.  During the ceremony the hands are gently wrapped with a wrapping cord or ribbons, around the couples clasped hands, symbolising the desire of the couple to be united, and this is where  the term ‘tying the knot’ originates from. Weaved into the ceremony will be your vows and exchange of rings. You can choose your own coloured ribbons and even discover the meaning attached to the colours.

Today, Handfastings are so popular because people are seeking different ways of honouring their love and commitment to each other, wanting fun and laughter, intimate and simple ceremonies that are very personal and unique. The joy and beauty of having a Independent Elemental Sacred Celebrant led ceremony is that they are unscripted, and designed by you, giving you the freedom and your spiritual sacredness that lives inside of you, into this wonderful day.  Prior to this I will support the couple and others who wish to be involved to prepare their vows and readings beforehand.  I shall be with you, every step of the way.

It is your Handfasting, and as such the only thing you need to bring to the initial consultation is your imagination and let’s see what magic we can create.  There are/is also an array of rituals available before the ceremony, for the couple, family and or friends, adopting this old custom to match your individuality.

Just to note, the Handfasting is not a legally-binding ceremony, yet.  For your marriage currently to be recognised by law you will need to complete the legal formalities at a registry office, either before, on the same day, or after the Handfasting.  


My Handfasting fee covers the following as standard:

• Consultation using zoom/skype and/or face to face, visit to site if possible
• A beautiful, personalised, sacred bespoke ceremony
• Regular contact with you either by phone or email during the creative process
• Support in the creation of your promises and vows, if needed
• An assistant for the day
• Water from the Chalice Well, both Red and White springs for the water blessing
• Air, Fire, Water and Earth calling in and blessing rituals
• Jumping of the Besom Broom
• Sacred Celebrant’s Candle which lights your own beautiful sacred candle used in the fire ritual  
• A signed commemorative certificate as a keepsake
• Cake and Mead Ceremony (optional)
• Ribbons of your choosing for the Handfasting
• Guest ribbons for the blessing

Optional Mini Ceremonies:

All of these rituals can be adapted for use at other ceremonies too, that’s the beauty of bespoke ceremonies.

Incense Blending Ceremony Handfasting and Vow Renewal - This ceremony is devoted to the couple,  here they will create their own personal blend of incense ceremonially using the alchemical energies of the Vesica Pisces symbol, located at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. The Incense will be used in the ceremony and then yours to take home as a remembrance of this wonderful day.   This ceremony is a great opportunity to spend precious time together and can be held the day or evening before.

Hoop & Wand -  Here the couple will spend time finding and then dressing their willow hoop and wand before the ceremony.  You may wish to purchase a decorated hoop and wand, however it is so much fun to find and create your own, making it personal to you both. There are many options and you can if you wish use two hoops and two wands, an infinity symbol or a heart.

Hoop Dressing Ritual - Family and Friends can together with one of the couple to prepare and decorate the hoop.  Or you may wish to do this as a ritual by yourself.

Jumping the Besom Broom - This is all about moving forward into your new life as a Handfasted couple, it completes the ceremony lovely and symbolises leaping forward across the threshold together.  You can decorate your own Besom Broom, if you so wish.

Cake and Mead - This ritual is a blessing from the couple to all of the guests after the handfasting ceremony has finished and if wished jumped the broom.  Exactly the same as traditionally you would have toasted the couple and cut the wedding cake (variable prices).

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