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Passing Over Ceremonies
Saying farewell in your own way

I feel ceremony and ritual to be a vital part of reclaiming the magic of living in this world with humans and animals.

Passing Over Ceremonies are endearing and heart-led which supports you, family and friends to host the farewell that you may not have had chance to, or maybe you've had time to reflect and would like to do it differently in your own way.


I have led these ceremonies for many years after a human or animal has passed, it may be on a significant anniversary or to honour a new life into the ancestral line.

It can give a feeling of peace, that a loved one is being honoured for the life that they lived on this Earth and you can do this in your own unique way.  A celebration of life that everyone can be involved in, if they wish.  

The Passing Over Ceremony can be held in many ways, before or after the formality of a funeral.

It can also be a memorial after many years of passing, or even an intimate standalone ceremony to provide healing when struggling with grief and loss.

This powerful ceremony is also for the benefit of the departed soul, even if this is not a belief you hold, you will be held in this nurturing loving space, and is of importance to those that are still here in this Earthly life to ceremonially express their grief in a healthy and authentic way.

Everyone, if they wish, can contribute to this ceremony. You may wish to express your own stories through tales, poems, music and writings, feeling part of this wonderful celebration. If you prefer you can just sit quietly and hold them in your heart, still being part of this farewell.

A guided visualisation or meditation is held within this space to take you on a journey with your beloved to say farewell.

Just to note, this is normally an indoor ceremony, however you may wish to consider an outside venue with covering and seating, everything is flexible.

Pet Loss


A pet loss ceremony can be held at any time either with family and friends, or a ceremony just for you and/or your animal companions still on the earthly planet who may be grieving this loss too.


Debbie is a warm and caring person who has an enormous affinity with animals and truly understands their place in our families and in our hearts.  A beautiful ceremony in which all the family shared our memories, laughter, tears, grief and love for Dolly.  Thank you Debbie

I loved the ceremony that Debbie created especially for us, losing our beloved cat was heartbreaking, it was such a special, beautiful time to honour the life we shared together and to know the memories will always remain in our heart, a token of unconditional love.


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