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As an Independent Sacred Celebrant I offer the following ceremonies:


Traditional Celtic Handfasting - from £550

Couple’s Incense Blending - £120

Vow Renewal - £350

Mini Ceremonies - Hoop & Wand, Hoop Dressing Ritual - £120


Cake and Mead - Variable

Passing Over Ceremony - £250

Passing Over Ceremony - one to one - £130

Pet Loss Ceremony From £50


Baby / Naming Blessings Adult Naming / Gender Affirming - £350

Homes and Land Blessings From £50

If you have an idea for a ceremony that is not listed above, please let me know and let’s have a chat about your ideas.

All my fees are inclusive of consultation, site visit, travel within 50 miles and my assistant’s fee, if applicable.  Further mileage and accommodation is charged in addition.

Just note - The charges are for the service of the Celebrant only and/or mini ceremonies, all other costs not listed on these pages are additional costs for you to consider.

I would love to hear from you, please contact me at


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